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Trend Named a Leader in Network Analysis and Visibility

Analyst report argues network-based capabilities are critical for Zero Trust

DALLAS, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global cybersecurity leader, today announced that it has been named a leader in network analysis and visibility (NAV) solutions in a new Forrester evaluation of 13 top solution providers, including Trend Micro. The report analyzed three core products in the evaluation of Trend Micro's offerings.

The Trend Vision One platform is built to be as intuitive as possible for analysts without compromising on capability.

Zero Trust is the direction of travel for federal government and the wider market, but organizations cannot achieve true zero trust without comprehensive insight into and control over their networks. The Trend Vision One platform is built to be as intuitive as possible for analysts without compromising on capability.

Forrester describes NAV solutions as used to monitor network traffic, detect threats, discover apps and assets and gain insight into packet payloads. Integrating with analytics, SOAR, XDR and other tools, they help to provide a foundation of visibility and analytics to drive Zero Trust, the report explains.

Its analysis of Trend's capabilities in this area covers three offerings: Trend Vision One, Deep Discovery and Tipping Point.

The Forrester report described Trend's as "…a product portfolio rich with native threat intelligence" that "stands out from the competition" and notes that Trend Micro's rich correlation data set enables "rapid, high-fidelity convictions at the analyst's fingertips." Trend's position as a Leader was accompanied by the highest possible marks in 12 criteria, including: augmented threat analysis, APIs and other integrations, vision, and innovation.

According to the Forrester report:

  • Trend Micro has a UI that is "intuitive and easy to understand"
  • "Threat detection relies heavily on the ingestion of telemetry from multiple sources"
  • "Customers with AWS cloud environments will benefit from the tight integration across multi-cloud and multi-tenant properties."
  • "Trend Micro's NAV offering is well suited for medium-size to large enterprises that have other Trend Micro products in place or are looking for a platform offering that includes XDR."

"Trend's vision is driven by combining all telemetry data, from the endpoint to the cloud, into a single cohesive view, regardless of which vendor provides the data," says the Forrester report. "Trend's NAV strategy builds on its capabilities in intrusion prevention, Zero Trust edge, and the endpoint, offering a single vendor technology stack to customers. Trend Micro is unique in that it views all other technologies as possible attack vectors and has a heavy focus on stopping emerging attack techniques."

To learn more about Trend's offerings in the report, visit:

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