Trend Micro Reports Third Quarter 2018 Results
November 08, 2018
Overall growth of 11 percent in enterprise business anchored its success

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704TSE: 4704), a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today announced earnings results for the third quarter 2018, ending September 30, 2018. For the third quarter, Trend Micro posted consolidated net sales of 40,485 million Yen (or US $360 million, 112.18 JPY = 1USD). The company posted operating income of 9,374 million Yen (or US $83 million) and net income of 7,542 million Yen (or US $67 million) for the quarter.

The company will not revise expected consolidated results for the full fiscal year ending December 31, 2018 (released on February 15, 2018). Based on information currently available to the company, consolidated net sales for the year ending December 31, 2018 is expected to be 164,800 million Yen (or US $1,484 million, based on an exchange rate of 111 JPY = 1 USD). Operating income and net income are expected to be 40,700 million Yen (or US $366 million) and 28,400 million Yen (or US $255 million), respectively.

“We are reaching milestones and sustaining growth that we couldn’t have imagined when we founded the company 30 years ago this month. We have always followed a long-term strategy and plan that is built against sustainable and well-balanced growth across solutions, customer segments, and geography,” said Eva Chen, co-founder and chief executive officer for Trend Micro. “Seeing solid double-digit growth in all of our focus area validates our strategy and mindset.”

Customers choosing Trend Micro for Hybrid Infrastructure Protection

Overall, Trend Micro’s enterprise business grew in double digits, fueled by a 25 percent year over year growth in gross sales of Hybrid Infrastructure Protection, which consists of solutions for securing hybrid cloud and network environments.

Preventing risk from proliferation of connected devices

Securing organizations’ infrastructures in an increasingly connected world is one of Trend Micro’s key areas of investment and research. As the number of connected things continuously increases, awareness, knowledge and understanding of associated threats and vulnerabilities are still relatively limited or not thought of. To reconfirm its commitment to Internet of Things (IoT) security, Trend Micro launched a number of initiatives and programs in the third quarter:

  • Trend Micro Research introduced a new program to help IoT device makers tackle security risks at the source. As part of the program, Trend Micro’s Zero-Day Initiative invites device manufacturers to work with ZDI on developing a vulnerability handling process as well as providing them immediate access to relevant and extensive IoT research.
  • A recent survey on IoT security preparedness within organizations around the globe showed that organizations are often not aware of security risks involved when deploying IoT devices or connecting legacy operational technology systems to the internet. In addition, responsibility and ownership for security is often not defined within organizations.
  • A new partnership was announced with Moxa Inc., a leader in industrial communication and networking, as part of its Technology Alliance Partner Program to jointly develop state-of-the-art solutions to protect Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments like smart manufacturing and smart energy.
  • Details were announced on Trend Micro’s Fall 2018 security research competition, Pwn2Own Tokyo, run by ZDI. This year’s contest is expanding to include IoT devices in a reflection of the growing ‘Internet of Threats’ facing businesses and consumers.

Doubling down on addressing the skills gap

With the global skills gap as a prevailing issue in our industry, Trend Micro has intensified its efforts to address the issue. The fundamental skills shortage is a known problem across cybersecurity and Trend Micro is addressing this issue from both the technology and people perspectives.

  • The fourth annual Capture the Flag (CTF) competition was kicked off, which invites teams from around the world to demonstrate their skills and challenge their knowledge in today’s most critical areas of cybersecurity protection. The Trend Micro CTF 2018 – Raimund Genes Cup is one of several ways the company works to motivate and train talent to support the critical industry need of skills development.
  • Trend Micro and HITRUST®, a leading security and privacy standards development, accreditation and information risk management organization, announced a partnership to launch Cysiv, a new company which provides advanced cyber risk management as a service to select U.S. enterprises that need to better defend themselves from cyberattacks. Cysiv security and threat experts augment in-house security teams by providing a set of advanced managed security services, including continuous monitoring from its cloud-based security operations center (SOC), and skillful management of solutions for hybrid cloud security, user protection, network IPS, advanced threat detection, and deception.
  • Organization of American States (OAS) and Trend Micro organized the OAS Cyberwomen Challenge, a Capture the Flag event series taking place across 11 countries in the Americas. The events are focused on developing cybersecurity skills in women who are new to the field or want to expand their skillset and has so far attracted 410 women in seven countries. Additional events are planned for the fourth quarter of 2018.


Trend Micro was awarded the following patents in Q3 2018:


Patent No.


Issue Date



628941       07/01/2018       Phishing detection by login page census
10027702       07/17/2018       Identification of malicious shortened uniform resource locators
10057198       08/21/2018       Controlling social network usage in enterprise environments
10057279       08/21/2018      

System and method for protecting computer against remote malware download

10061921       08/28/2018       Methods and systems for detecting computer security threats
10078750       09/18/2018      

Methods and systems for finding compromised social networking accounts



Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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  • Difficulties in addressing new threats and other computer security problems
  • Timing of new product introductions and lack of market acceptance for new products
  • The level of continuing demand for, and timing of sales of, existing products
  • Rapid technological change within the security software industry
  • Changes in customer needs for security software
  • Existing products and new product introductions by competitors and pricing of those products
  • Declining prices for products and services
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  • An increase in the incidence of product returns
  • The potential lack of attractive investment targets and
  • Difficulties in successfully executing our investment strategy
  • New and potentially unforeseen risks and liabilities associated with the internet of things, the use of artificial intelligence in our products and services, and other emerging technologies

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