Trend Micro 2nd Annual Internship Program Focuses on Educating Millennials on Cyber Security
July 11, 2014

Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704TSE: 4704), a global pioneer in security software, today announced the launch of its Second Annual Global Family Internship Program. This initiative promotes the importance of educating the millennial generation on cyber security, as well as provides first-hand work experience in a corporate environment.

"Engagement and attraction of young and innovative talent is critical to the sustainability of our organization," says Glenn Harbin, HR director of HR shared services at Trend Micro. "We want this internship to not only increase the learning of students regarding their field of interest, but also to enable them to integrate into the work environment. Generation Y has the potential to be one of the most productive generations in the workforce and may redefine the workplace. Therefore, we believe we have an opportunistic advantage to engage these young workers, increase our competitive advantage, and infuse our culture with new ideas and perspective while making every effort to prepare both students and the enterprise for the successful assimilation of the millennial generation into the corporate atmosphere through these internships."

The family internship program runs for up to eight weeks in the summer. Interns have the opportunity to learn about cyber threats from industry experts while focusing on the importance of data security for the millennial generation. Interns are generally relatives of Trend Micro employees, emphasizing the company's family-friendly culture.

Trend Micro offers a wide variety of fields of study for interns to pursue, including marketing, accounting, human resources, finance, research and development, technology support, and sales. Within these areas, interns learn the impact each department has on the company's ability to execute on its mission to create "a world safe for exchanging digital information."

"This internship is a phenomenal opportunity to see the inner workings of the corporate world. We are able to not only experience how a successful global company is run, but also see the application of the technology that the company creates," said Bobby Dotterer, a Trend Micro human resources intern. "As a millennial, I see first-hand how our lives are integrated with technology to an extent never before seen by society. Having an inside look at a company whose primary goal is to keep data of users of technology secure is extremely inspiring."

Throughout the course of the summer, interns will chronicle their experiences through blogs and social media. To follow interns' activities, visit or search #trendterns on Twitter.

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