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Trend Micro Protects Against First Palm-OS Trojan: "Palm_Liberty.A"
Trend Micro offers free detection for proof-of-concept Trojan

Cupertino, CA - August 28, 2000 - Trend Micro Inc. (Nasdaq:TMIC), announces the immediate availability of protection for the recently discovered Palm_Liberty.A Trojan. Palm_Liberty.A is a "proof of concept" trojan that targets the Palm Operating System. Although this trojan has been found on a website and was also reported from several Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels, Trend Micro has received no reports of infection at this time. Trend Micro considers this trojan to be a very low risk. In order to be affected, the handheld device users must download and install the trojan file on their PDA. It is not clear at this time if the Palm_Liberty.A trojan is targeting specific versions of the Palm OS. Because of this Trend Micro advises all Palm Pilot and Handspring users to exercise extreme caution when downloading programs over the Internet.

Since the majority of Palm OS users download programs to their desktop and then sync to their palm, they have virus protection available to them at either their corporation's or ISP's Internet gateway and/or at the desktop level when using Trend Micro products. Other Palm Pilot and Handspring users who may directly link to the Web via a wireless or wired modem (such as users of the Palm 7, Minstrel wireless modem, and Palm wired modems) should take extra precautions when downloading applications from the Internet to ensure that they remain free from malicious malware.

Trojan Behavior
The Palm_Liberty.A Trojan is among the first Palm-based malware and is distributed via IRC. It comes disguised as a 'crack' file that can convert a shareware program called LIBERTY into a registered version. Upon execution, this malware deletes all executable applications in the handheld device. On a Palm OS- based device, the Trojan appears as a Liberty icon and is named, "Crack1.1".

How to Recover your Palm
Users may restore infected Palm OS-based devices using the HotSync manager by setting the System conduit to "Desktop overwrites Handheld".

Solutions available from Trend Micro
Trend Micro has created updated virus pattern file No. 764 to detect and clean this trojan and has released it via Trend Micro's website at Trend Micro customers can use the following products to protect themselves against this new Palm OS threat.

Corporate customers:

  • Update InterScan® VirusWall®, Trend Micro's Internet gateway antivirus solution to detect and delete the trojan at the Internet gateway before it has a chance to be downloaded to the desktop and hot-synched with the Palm or Handspring device.
  • Update OfficeScan™ Corporate Edition, Trend Micro's centrally controlled desktop protection to detect and delete the trojan at the corporate desktop.

Home and mobile users:

  • Update PC-cillin®, Trend Micro's consumer desktop virus protection to detect and delete the trojan.
  • Use HouseCall™, Trend Micro's free online virus scanner at to detect and delete this Trojan.

The pattern file has already been placed on the ActiveUpdate server, allowing all Trend Micro products to download it immediately. Virus pattern files will continue to be updated throughout the virus alert period as new information is known or new variants are detected.

Virus detection and reporting tools:

  • Organizations or individuals who do not currently use Trend Micro products may download a free evaluation copy of InterScan VirusWall or PC-cillin with the latest virus pattern file to clean their gateway servers and desktops.
  • Desktop users can scan their computers for free for suspected viruses with Trend Micro's HouseCall, a free online scanning service, found at
  • To monitor activity and travel patterns of viruses worldwide, in real-time, visit Trend Micro's World Virus Tracking Center (WVTC) at
  • To submit suspected virus files to Trend Micro for analysis, please email the Virus Team at Tracking occurrences or new variants will allow Trend Micro to better serve the IT community.

For more information on the Palm_Liberty.A trojan and how it can be stopped, please consult Trend Micro's Virus Information Center at


InterScan, VirusWall, and PC-cillin are registered trademarks in the United States and trademarks in other countries. HouseCall is a trademark in the United States. Other products and company names may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

About Trend Micro Incorporated
Trend Micro Incorporated is a pioneer in secure content and threat management. Founded in 1988, Trend Micro provides individuals and organizations of all sizes with award-winning security software, hardware and services. With headquarters in Tokyo and operations in more than 30 countries, Trend Micro solutions are sold through corporate and value-added resellers and service providers worldwide. For additional information and evaluation copies of Trend Micro products and services, visit our Web site at

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